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newbie: 1st/2nd notchy at rest?? a little

wow, Doyt, are you complete or what.  Thanks.  Just what I needed, and I'm
going back to look at an '86 that looks pretty good later tomorro.
(Charcoal grey, light grey cloth inside)

Mind if I ask a couple of questions?  List feel free to respond also.

Car is an '86 4kcsq w/ 133k miles.  new! tires (P600's), pirelli S4's on 4
extra stock rims, new! mufflers, pkg brake works!, new clutch, new wheel
bearings, ac works!, slight pull to right.  The owner definitely takes care
of his cars.

1.  1st gear is a bit "notchy" going in from a stop.  I'm sure my SO would
manage to make it into an impossible to get into gear problem, and I'm
experienced enough to drop it into 2nd, then ease into 1st.  Is this
anything to worry about?

2.  What's with the rust on the doors inside at the front edge thing about
anyway?????  Man, I've looked at three cars, they all had the same "circle"
of rust on the front door edge, inside.  They also had the same rust on the
lower inside door jam flat surface.  jeeze, I mean this is MinneSnowta, but
I've never seen rust there before.

3.  No lifter noise on start up, but owner says that at about 3k miles,
noise starts and it's time to change oil.  Says he uses synthetic all the
time.  Must be some kind of built in Audi timer. ;)

4.  Shocks are 4 years old and will need new next year, but how does one
check WEAK SPRINGS?? Ride height?? and if so, what is correct ride height??
What's a ballpark cost on springs and shocks?  I assume aftermarket

5.  Back left window switch is intermittent, mostly off.  Pwr mirrors
don't.  Are the mirrors a difficult fix??  (I assume window switch is easy.)

6.  What kind of miileage do you get??  Owner claims about 20mpg to 22 mpg.

Well. ended up more than I expected.  Here's hoping I join the ranks soon,
well, the SO joins the ranks soon.  Hope I'm not over extending my welcome.