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Re: V8 DS Window Lift-More Info-Need 287 Relay

Thanks Wayne,
In researching the situation I find that in the two + years I've had the car I
never knew that there was a one-touch lift as well as a one-touch lower function
in this window.  I think the testing I did suggests that the wiring in the door
is not the problem since it performed the same incorrect way using the cable for
the right window.  I've removed the control relay.  Anyone got a good used 287
relay?  P/N 443-959-257B.  this is a double relay that is probably used on 100s,
200s, V8s and probably others.

Music Research Corp. wrote:

> Hi Roland!
>         I've had a similar situation with my '87 5K with the reverse up-down
> etc..  What I found was that the wires that go through the door were frayed
> and even some broken.  The "fix' for me was:  take the door apart and do a
> continuity check on all wires.  I bet this is your problem.  I bought
> similar gauge wire (color too) at my friendly electronics store and spliced
> in new wire where needed.  I did solder them and did use heat shrink over
> the exposed joints.  Keep in mind that the bundle going through your door
> (at the hinge) gets the most open and close work and the wire harness is
> made in England by the Smith Corp..  They're the ones that gave Jaguar, MG
> and others such a bad rep for unreliability over the years.  (I heard of
> this from somewhere out of the past)
>         Good luck in your "Fix".
> Wayne Scheer
> Amsterdam, NY
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> From: Roland Broberg <broberg@execpc.com>
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> Date: Sunday, October 25, 1998 8:12 PM
> Subject: V8 DS Window Lift
> >The driver side window auto lower feature on the 90 V8 just changed its
> >function.  Now it goes all the way down, but the touch the
> >key-again-to-stop-it function ceased to work.  When I press the up
> >function while the window is going down it stops but continues down as
> >soon as I release the key.  The window will lift again after jamming
> >around with the button.  I swapped Left-Right connectors on the switch
> >to make sure it does the same thing on the right side and it does.
> >Swapped the switches too and the right side switch does the same thing
> >to the left window so that rules out a switch.  From the manual it looks
> >like the J139 "window lift and roof control module" in the auxiliary
> >relay panel.  Anyone have any experience with that item?  Is it solid
> >state or are there contacts in it that can be cleaned or adjusted?
> >Roland
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