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Re: Window switch removal: 4kq

In a message dated 10/25/98 11:47:15 PM Eastern Standard Time,
mchang@ece.nwu.edu writes:

<< window switches in the center console as the switches for the
 rear windows do not work.
 so, how the heck do I get these things out? >>

If you remove ash tray, press firmly on switch, in center and they will pop
out into console. You can unplug switch thru ash tray access. If you open the
switch, you may be able to repair it & save $20 - $40  each depending on where
you shop. Clean all contacts and see if that flexible piece of metal which is
pushed down by the plastic square has enough arch. That is the piece that
causes the clicking sound. If you increase the arch, it may repair a
nonfunctioning switch. Test it many times before replacing in console.

Good luck