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Try some good polishing compound .. or just polish...

I personally like Griot's Garage stuff, or McGuire's... they both have
obvious web pages...

probably run you about $10 a bottle or so and a couple hours of good elbow
grease.  BUT, the results are _well_ worth the effort.

On Mon, 26 Oct 1998 AUDI1OO@aol.com wrote:

> I have a black 1991 Audi 100...the body and paint are in prestine shape except
> for one thing...the car has "swirl/scratches" all over, making the paint look
> not as good.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  Should I get it compounded
> etc?  If so how much will it cost?  Should I use a special wax or filler?
> Someone told me that certain boat waxes work.  Any suggestions will be
> helpful.
> Thank you,

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