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this weekend's driveway adventures

Finally got to spend some time under the CQ.
A brief summary:

1) changed trans lube to Redline MT90.  Old fluid felt/smelled OK
   but was very cloudy (dirty looking) even though it was only 
   about 1 yr old or so.  It took all 3 quarts of MT90.  I was 
   concerned that it wasn't enough, but that seems to be the
   capacity, right?
   This was a trivial task, thanks to the Plews suction gun I picked
   up at Pep Boys for about $12.

   No big difference in shifting, except reverse seems less sticky now.

2) Changed rear diff fluid to Redline 75w90 (GL5).  Again,  no problem,
   and again old stuff looked dirty.  It took almost all of the quart
   except for about 2" left in the bottle before it started trickling
   out the fill hole.
   No difference felt in driving.

Tools used for both tasks - 17mm allen wrench from Sears, 1 and 2
foot lengths of Thule rack bar (it was left over and I needed a lever!)
Make sure you take out the fill plugs first.  I also used PB Blaster
on the threads before taking the plugs out.

3) Changed rear diff mounts.  This too is fairly trivial.  Tools used
   were a jack to support the diff, air impact wrench with 13mm and 
   17mm sockets, as well as 13mm and 17mm wrenches.  You'll find that
   each mount has 2 13mm nut/bolts and one 17mm.  You need to hold the
   bolt up top and break loose the nuts underneath.  They were also 
   loctited in from the factory.
   The right mount is a touch more difficult - you'll see when you 
   get in there.  I had to drop the diff a bit to maneuver out the

   Much to my chagrin, changing the mounts did absolutely nothing 
   for the clunk in the rear.  I'll have to take a look at the rear
   center mount.

4) Continued diagnosing the heating problems (ie very weak heat).
   I bought a container of Prestone flush and a backflushing kit,
   which I used to some success.  While backflushing the motor with
   a garden hose, I could feel decent heat coming out of the vents.
   When revving the motor up, it was pretty acceptable.

   The heater core has good flow, in both directions.

   I then refilled with Prestone (phoshate free) and buttoned 
   everything up.
   Result: Heat is slightly better but still unimpressive. 
   I'm stumped.  I'm going to check the temp senders inside
   the car, but I'm convinced it's a plumbing problem.  No
   idea what though.

I also spent several hours detailing the car yesterday.  I think 
I've got the correct formula of products for Tornado Red, which 
I will describe later when I get a chance.
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