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Re: this weekend's driveway adventures

> 3) Changed rear diff mounts.  This too is fairly trivial.  Tools used
>    were a jack to support the diff, air impact wrench with 13mm and 
>    17mm sockets, as well as 13mm and 17mm wrenches.  You'll find that
>    each mount has 2 13mm nut/bolts and one 17mm.  You need to hold the
>    bolt up top and break loose the nuts underneath.  They were also 
>    loctited in from the factory.
>    The right mount is a touch more difficult - you'll see when you 
>    get in there.  I had to drop the diff a bit to maneuver out the
>    mount.

Correction - I meant the left mount.  This is because the diff has
a "wing" that is under the mount, while the right side mount just
drops out when you unbolt it.
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