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'84 4000 S...a couple a ?s

Good day Q's...just a couple questions for ya.  Do I have seat heaters?
There's a fuse (#4 I believe) labeled with such things as dome light, radio,
and ah!  seat heaters.   Then in my instrument cluster, if the sun is
hitting it just right, i can see what looks like a lil pic of a seat.  Plus,
there's an unidentified (by me anyway) wire attached to the seat.  So, do I
have the heaters?  If so, how do I operate them?  Switch location, etc?

Also, I have an upshift light, but it doesn't work.  Why not?  Oh, and
there's a sensor looking thing, about 1 inch diameter i think, screwed into
the rear of the head with a male connector sticking out of it.  Male as in
it looks like the connectors commonly found on the backside of car speakers.
Anyway, it doesn't have anything connected to it.  Could that be why my temp
guage never gets above 80 deg.?

Just trying to figure this car out one piece at a time,