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Re: Arghh... stripped oil pan drain bolt on 3B!

Thanks to all the folks that responded to my desperate calls for

The choices were either siphoning as much oil as possible through
the dipstick and removing the oil pan with the bolt intact, and
having a machine shop remove the bolt, or taking a chisel to the
rounded bolt head.

I tried a third alternative.
I spend some time and filed flats back onto the bolt head, purchased
a 6 point Sears Craftsman 16mm shallow depth socket, and hammered
it onto the bolt head.  I then attached it to the 1/2 inch air gun 
and.....nothing. Tried the gun forwards and backwards, nothing.

Took out the 3 ft. 1/2 inch breaker bar, and SUCCESS!.

I removed the bolt, replaced it with a new one and the copper 
washer.  The thread on the pan doesn't appear to be damaged.

I tried to remove the socket form the old bolt, but have given up.
Not that I want to use that socket again, but at roughly $4, I'd
like to replace it, warranty and all.

-Peter Schulz
1991 TQW
1990 CQ