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Subject: Help this gent - Driveshaft U-Joint

Al:  here's my personal archives; no BTDT, so don't know which fit the 80.
I'd assume the first post (90) would fit; there's also a number for a 5000
courtesy of Igor Kessel; Mark Nelson says father can source everything needed;
and I've included an old post about a place in Colorado as well.  Then there's
Blau, who can reportedly rebuild certain car's driveshafts.
HTH, Chris Miller, Windham NH, c1j1miller@aol.com
To: Doyt
From: dlawson@digitalglobe.com
Date: 6 Dec 96 18:54:14 -0500
Subject: Re: quattro center diff lock actuator ...
Well folks, about a month after my poor baby broke it is all together
again.  With the help of Steve B. Bruce B. and Graydon S. my 90Q is running
again with about $50 dollars  of parts.  I rebuilt my center drive-shaft
(carrier bearing and u-joint only).  The bearing was gotten through GPR and
is BMW part# 26121209532. It is the bearing including the rubber surround
and the mounting bracket as one piece, total cost $35.  
I successfully removed the bolt which holds the yoke to the foreshaft with
a 17mm box end(this required removing the zerk grease fitting from u-joint)
but found it too difficult to get the yoke off(no way to
press/pry/hammer/pull etc.). With Graydon's help I took apart the u-joint
and discovered it to be fairly "trashed" and stiff.  The only u-joint I
could find locally was a non-greasable unit made by Borg-Warner($15). If
anyone has a part # for a greasable u-joint please let me know for future
reference.  After re-assembling everything I cleaned out the CV's,
regreased them and installed on the car. I sort of assumed that the
drive-shaft would self-align and it did!  The car runs great. All in all it
was a simple procedure, just a pain to get the necessary parts.

Brendan Rudack           rudack@ucsub.Colorado.EDU '88 90Q
rudack@ucsub.Colorado.EDU Fenton, Michigan USA
Subject: RE: The centre support bearing for a type-44 quattro found
Igor said:
I stopped by a local M-B dealer and matched up the bearing and the
rubber cap against the M-B parts. Below are the long awaited part
Both parts are from a 240D or 300D, chassis # 123:
Bearing: 0039812325
Rubber cap: 1234101081

The prop shaft they're referring to, is the center driveline.  What
happens is the U-joint in the center, as well as the rubber mount, with a
bearing in the center, tend to wear out, causing quite a bit of slop in the
drivetrain.  The CJ joints on the ends seem to hold up pretty well, but it's
a good idea to have those replaced at the same time.  I have access to all
the parts necessary to rebuild these shafts (not just the u-joint, like
Blau), so let me know off-line if you're in need of a complete rebuild of
the driveline.

For more information on all your driveshaft needs, send
- -mark nelson
Date: Tue, 8 Jul 1997 11:42:42 -0600 (MDT)
From: pacdev@csn.net
Subject: Axles-Driveshafts-Steering Racks
Just found Valhalla!

In rebuilding my TQC drive shaft I found a rebuilder in Denver who thinks 
Service is the next best word after Cleanliness. 

I called asking for help in a possible rebuild of the CV for the drive shaft
they suggested I take it in since many of the parts are common items. 

Would you believe that they said "stick around we'll rebuild it while your
Save you a trip back." Twenty minutes later I get a rebuilt CV with new
rack, polished races, and new bearing balls! The cost was very reasonable.
you believe $26.83.

While waiting, I had the opportunity to watch them in action. The place is 
spotless. Return racks have galvanized pans to catch errant leaks. They
routinely disassemble their stock shelves to eliminate dust.

So.... I asked Angela, their brain trust, if they could hancle ship-ins. It 
turns out they have a thriving market in semi-custom rebuilds. She's willing
deal with this group if we are polite.

Many of their UPS rebuilds are on a three hour turn around time. I believe
she can give you a good estimate on the expect time to ship back right over

Because of the potential volume from the Q-List she is willing to quote us 
jobber prices. This is only on ship-ins for rebuilds. An example would be the 
4000Q rear axles. Her retail is $198/ea. Our Q-List price would be $119 plus 

They also rebuild Steering racks! Same discounts will apply.

I admit that this was the first time I used this group but I can tell you that
was very much impressed.

Give Angela Sandoval a call at 800-292-2953. Watching her juggle two lines and
bustling counter business was great. If the rest of the shop works as
as she does we won't be disappointed.

Remember that you will have to indicate that your a Q-lister to get a jobber 

Usual disclaimers as to advertising etc. etc. Just expanding our resources.

Paul A. Caouette
here's Al's post...

I was just on the phone with Bob at European Motor Cars in fort Collins, CO
(recommended to me by some Quattro members). 

Bob has a request for help from this group - his own 1990 80Q is down
because the U-joint in the driveshaft (center part of the car) is shot, and
Audi will only sell him a complete driveshaft.  His only other source won't
share a part # with him!   So he's really looking for a source for that
center U-joint..he knows they're out there, but he can't get a part number.

Bob got a computer recently and is almost - but not quite - ready to join
the Q-group himself (I may drop in and help...) and he would be most
grateful if any of the group would either phone him with a part number at
970/484-0040, **OR** email me back and I'll pass the info along to him.

I'm REALLY behind on checking digests - so please respond directly if you
can help.


Al Powell