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New Member - Many Questions!!

Hi Guys,
              this is my first post so if I do anything wrong be kind.
I live in Scotland and have just purchased an '86 ur-quattro 2.3i non turbo.
( 1450 ). Ever since I almost killed myself trying to keep up with a
going round a corner about 5 years go I've wanted one.
So now I'm in love ..But some relationships need to be worked at and my
quattro is no exception. HERE GOES...

1. Low end torque..great    but mid-high levels out... any improvement
    (mechanic laughed at me when I asked -  with dollar bills in his eyes!)
2.Would a turbo quattro engine replacement fit and be viable ( cheap!)
3.My diff locks dont work. I took the car for a rolling road tune up which
only had
   2 rollers so he had to jack up the back end and apply the diff locks to
assess the
   horsepower but no go!  I  Had a look at the diff switch just to check no
loose wires but
   the wires dont look like anything I've ever came across (basic DIY car
   They looked alright anyway
   Also the Dash lights that indicate diff lock  dont come  on at all ....
any suggestions?
4. A Manual .. I read some postings which mention the elusive nature of this
    can anybody point me in the direction of one for my model?

I dont know if these will help
V.I.N   WAUZZZ85ZGA177180
ENGINE NO.  034103373    WWO

I'm sorry if I haven't provided enough info ..just let me know.
I would also appreciate any info on my model that would be of
interest(performance upgrades, headlamp improvements etc).

Well that's my first post (of many probably) Thanks for taking the time out
to read  :)

John McGill.