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Re: Audi year/model summaries

Hairy green toads from Mars made John R. Pederson say:

> After buying my first Audi ('92 80q) and lurking here for a few months,
> I remain confused about all of the Audi model numbers (80, 90, 100, 200,
> A6, A4,etc.)  Is there somewhere I could go (www?) to see a summary of
> models, years produced, and general features and configurations?   I'm
> just trying to get oriented so I can follow the posts better.  Thanks.

I'm sure someone will fill in LOTS more info here, but here are
some quick stats with lots of generalizations.

Audis basically come in two sizes: small and large.

The 4000 started this line, and was made from the early 80s (?)
to '88 I think. Then they were replaced by the 80 and the 90.
The 80 and 90 were the same, differentiated by trim level.
These were made until '95 (I think the 80 was dropped earlier)
and were replaced by the A4.

The 5000 was the first one, and came in two models: the 5000
(normally aspirated) and the 5000CS (turbo). These were replaced
in '89 by the 100 and the 200; the 200 is the turbo. There was
also the V8 which was a similar car with a (duh) V8 in it.
The 200 was dropped in '92, when the 100 went to the V6 engine.
In '95 or so, the 100 was renamed the A6, and the V8 was
renamed the A8.

There are also "S" versions of some of the cars, which were turbo
models with extras (the S4 and S6).

There is also a coupe, which is the 90 in a different (coupe) body.

There is also a cabriolet, ditto.


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