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Ur leaks

Thanks for your help guys. The leak is between the rubber and the glass - at
least that us where the water appears on the inside. I have looked under the
rubber seal from the outside, and there seems little seal between the rubber
and the glass, so I will try the Silicon / windscreen sealant path....
hoping for he best, everything else is now fixed on the car!!


I also had the same leak on my urq. Instead of r&r the windscreen...I
went to the local parts store and bought some windshield sealer.

First step was to clean out the outside of the glass where the lip of
the rubber meets the glass. I used alcohol and paper towel...to get up
under the seal. I then sealed it about one foot towards the center and
all the way up to the top of the roofline. Suggestion: have extra paper
towel handy to get the extra sealant that squeezes out.

I have not had a problem since. BTW get it done now! If you have the old
rabbit style fuse box corrosion problems can be a nightmare.


Are you referring to the chrome molding piece that surrounds the
windshield?  If so, here's a BTDT solution.

Had water dripping in from headliner and driver's footwell.  Got a tube
of black GE Silicon sealant (exterior version), cut application nozzle
so it would produce a very small bead.  Laid bead on windshield glass as
close to molding as possible.  Then placed a paint scraper razor blade
on leading edge of the sealant bead and angled the back of the razor
down to rest on molding.  Bring leading edge of blade back to molding
which forces sealant into any spaces.  Do a section at a time and make
sure to wipe any leftover sealant off molding and glass w/damp clean
Easier to do than to describe and worked like a charm.
MJ Murphy

replace the windshield (and gasket) or try butyl tape (windshield
adhesive/sealer).  Make sure everything is dry before you try option two.
And make sure you've used some hand lotion before starting, otherwise when
you pull away your fingers, you pull away the butyl tape you just