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Re: A4 Sport Seats

Jim Simone wrote:
> Anand Dhanda wrote:
> > I was wondering what the difference is between the normal 98 A4 seats and
> > the "Sport" seats.....
> > . and i was wondering if I should find a pair and
> > install them?? Any ideas???
> Unless you can trade with someone else who wants the standard seats, it's
> probably too expensive to buy them through a dealer. You're better off buying
> Recaros or the like.

OR..you could find someone who has already swapped his Sport Seats with
aftermarket seats...

For instance, I know Igor has a 1.8tq with the sports package. He has
also replaced his seats with aftermarket ones. I don't know what he did
with the Sport Seats that were in his A4, maybe he'd be willing to sell

I'd drop a ads in the A4 classifieds as well as the Q-list classifieds.
Perhaps a WTB post might be helpful as well.

Good luck.

-Osman Parvez
89 200q
Albany, NY