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Decapitated CQ


I'm going the "cheap" route.  The CQ head has been removed and checked.
Overheat left a few survivors it seems.  Warped but no cracks.  Was
recommended NOT to overhaul the engine as we all know the bottom ends are
very stout and I would be "not likely" to feel any difference, regardless of
my insistance that the car run better upon return.

The usuals shall be done:  head machined, head gasket, heater valve,
thermoswitch, injector seals, valve stem seals (oil consumption).  I've also
requested T-belt (@55k), water pump, coolant flush.  I discussed a loss of
power in higher rpms and a possible "hissing."  I asked about vacuum leaks
and requested that the crankcase breather hose be looked over and likely
replaced. (Yeah, I know it's not up top ;-). 

Please DO chime in with extras ASAP.  Willing to go the extra mile....but
not 10 I guess...

Thanks for those of you who helped make this decision and pass auf to those
who didn't push me to go the S2 (S4/S6 engine?) route...8^(

Derek Daily
90 CQ
86 VW qsw
00 S4 dammit