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RE: Boost -> HP??

Joseph said;

> 	Has anyone ever put their car on a dyno to measure HP at different
> levels of boost?  I'm currently running 13.25 psi (about 1.8 bar) and I'm
> curious as to what the horsepower is..  seat-of-the-pants says it's REALLY
> up from stock......  What's the limit given that my intercooler is
> strapped, and I've replaced the IC-throttle body hose with the NAPA 2.75"
> hose fix??  At what level do we start running dangerously lean??  I
> believe that ppl have written that they've run about 2.2 with the stock
> injectors & computer (non-chipped, computer fooled into believing max
> boost at 1.5 bar)???
> 	It's really starting to get fun!  :-)
Most of the chip guys say 50 to 65 hp increase.  This is in the order of 210
to 225 hp, which is a bunch more than the stock 162.  My seat o'd pants says
it goes real good.  I discussed 2.2 bar w/ a list expert, who can feel free
to chime in here, and his concern with 2.2 bar is turbo and IC problems.
The stock turbo will overspin (esp. at +3,000 ft altitude), and the stock IC
is not up to efficiently passing 2.2 bar.  However, with an upgraded IC and
turbo (like an RS2), 2.2 is not a problem.  There are those who run 2.2 bar
w/ stock components.  I don't know their experience.

Gary Lewis 
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