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Re: Boost -> HP??

On Mon, 26 Oct 1998, Joseph F. Governali wrote:

> 	Has anyone ever put their car on a dyno to measure HP at different

Not I.

> levels of boost?  I'm currently running 13.25 psi (about 1.8 bar) and I'm
> curious as to what the horsepower is..  seat-of-the-pants says it's REALLY

I'd guess that in a really well tuned healthy engine you might be close 
to 200 hp.  Maybe a little more.

> up from stock......  What's the limit given that my intercooler is
> strapped, and I've replaced the IC-throttle body hose with the NAPA 2.75"
> hose fix??  At what level do we start running dangerously lean??  I

I think that you can run close to 275 - 300 hp on the CIS fuel 
system before you start to really run into lean conditions.  I'm not sure 
if you can do that leaving the CIS in its stock form.

> believe that ppl have written that they've run about 2.2 with the stock
> injectors & computer (non-chipped, computer fooled into believing max
> boost at 1.5 bar)???

I did it.  It seemed faster than when I went back down to 14 psi.  I'd
guess you might get close to 220 hp at 2 bar.  You run a much greater risk
of blowing up the turbo at that pressure though I'd think. 

> > 	It's really starting to get fun!  :-) > 

I know the feeling.  :-)

Graydon D. Stuckey

"There's alot more to Jazz than just wrong notes"