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Paint problem?


I have a 1990 80 Quattro with gold ("bamboo tan") paint.  It has many
scratches all over--I assumed that the previous owner had overdone it
with commericial carwashes.  However, when I asked a local auto body
owner about it, he stated that it looked like the paint was actually
cracking.  He said that it looked like a laquer paint and that he hadn't
used laquer paint in years (in fact, Massachusetts recently outlawed its
use).  He specializes in upper end cars (Porsche, Mercedes,etc.) and
seems to have a good reputation, so he started me wondering.

Since I spoke with him, I have noticed two other Audi cars in parking
lots with exactly the same type of problem.  One was an 80 (not sure of
the year) and the other was a 1993 90Q; both were silver.  The
"scratches" on my car and the two others I saw are quite extensive.

Does anyone know if this is related to the paint used?   I have no
reason to believe that my car has ever been repainted, anywhere on it. 
Also, the two others seemed to have original paint as well.

Thank you in advance.