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Re: Removing shock retaining nut ...

> Just make sure the impact is used ONLY to remove the nut. 
> If you use an impact to replace it you could easily twist
> the shaft in the cartridge and break the internals.

Well, there you have it! I remember going into the fitment
centre and asking the guy if they use impacts to tighten
the nuts. They said yes, but they've never had a problem.
Four days later ... click click click groan click groan.
Went back and spoke to them and asked whether they tightened
the nuts on the cartridge piston rod by hand or wrench as
I wasn't watching when they did the front shocks.
The answer was: "we tighten it first by hand and then take
the impact wrench to it for good measure". Regulated
wrench? No. "But it is a low pressure unit".



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