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Re: Lake Superior Rally page

In a message dated 98-10-26 14:06:49 EST, you write:

<< Anyhow, not a good showing for quattros this year.  Looks like 2 entered- a
4k >which DNF'd, and
> an S2 which ended up 12th.  A Mitsu won the season.  We need our racing
listers >to make us proud!!!
> Matt Rooke
 >'91cq >>

Matt, as the crew chief for that S2, let me put it's finish in perspective for
you.  The S2 was the car that won cyprus 2 years ago.  It is a FIA Groupe A
prepped car, and in Lake Superior PR was run detuned (350hp).  The car started
46th on the grid, so for a first time run, 12th is really fine as far as I'm
concerned.  Add to that, the navigator was new to us (and only had 2years
experience), the car new to us, and the driver new to SCCA ProRally (the car
ran this event as a divisional, remember ALL divisional entrant cars start
AFTER the National cars on stages).  

I watched with dismay, Chenoire go out with car problems, again.  Neither
Hyundai ran worth a s**t, and both were being attended to feverishly at every
service.  Considering Buffum was there, this is pretty disappointing.  

The S2 ran flawlessly, and certainly has the potential to make all listers
proud next year.  This car is a full FIA Groupe A prepared car, with 2 crates
full of parts (custom 6 speeds included), and trick stuff that continually
amazes me.  This car was built to win, with all the quick service engineering
AS has been known to put on their rally cars.  BTW, there is no locking
feature for the diffs in the car (no torsens either), this car comes with
locked f-c-r differentials, with the option (and the diff) to run front open.

So, give us some time to get her sorted.  We are planning to go thru the 24
sets of springs and shox on some testing before Snow Drift next year.  After
the rally, I drove the car back to Chicago with the owner/driver.  Make no
mistake Matt, this guy is serious about not only rallying, but winning.  This
car has the goods to do it, once we get the chassis sorted, there is plenty of
HP to add to the equation.  Right now, I'm happy to have accomplished what we
did.  A finish, a good one, first time out, hardly needs excuses.

My .02

Scott Justusson