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Re: Sport Seats?

>1)  Seat height?  Asked and not answered.  Is there a difference 
>in seating height between the regular seats and the sport seats. 
>Specifically I'm interested in the 20v CQ seating, but I'll 
>assume an answer for other models may be revealing enough.  
>(Although it never works that way with audi...)

All CQs (in the US, at least) came with the sport seats, so you 
probably won't get any BTDT from someone with barcoloungers in a 
CQ. There was supposedly a replacement seat bottom for the CQ that 
provided a little more head room, but I've never had any 

Ooops, maybe I just found it. I've got a list of all the TSBs for 
the CQ, and number 74-89-T02 is the one. It states:
"Front power seats: Insufficient headroom for very tall persons in 
vehicles equipped with power seats and sunroof. Install reduced 
height seat padding. 80/90/Coupe - Sport Seat: P/N 895 881 361 B 
Non-Sport Seat: P/N 895 881 361 C.

Hmmm... the P/N above for the sport seat is the exact same (and 
only) P/N listed on the fiche for the padding. Either the P/N 
listed in the TSB is the part that is affected, or they simply 
stopped making the original padding and put the shorter piece in 
all the seats.

>2)  Seat movement.  My std seats in the CQ "give" (fore & aft) 
>during hard acceleration or braking.  I could feel the subtle 
>movement and chalked it up as another annoyance.  I'm assuming it 
>has to do with the electric adjustment motor being not up to the 
>task?  Any opinions on whether or not manual seats have an 
>advantage in this regard (i.e. less likely to give)?

I think this means something is broken. Several folks on the 
mother list have had this problem in the older cars. I don't 
remember if the seats were manual, power, or some of both.

Eric Renneisen
'90 CQ 20V  -  my 'racing-iron'  ;^)
Chattanooga, TN