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Re: Possible to repair cam journal in MC head?

In message <36354EF1.EBBF74C5@teleport.com> "Gary G. Erickson" writes:

> I noticed there is a crack in the #4 cam journal starting at about the
> center of the stud, and heading down and towards the outside edge.  (In
> the following bad ASCII art, the "X" portion is the stud, the "|"
> portion denotes the journal itself, and the diagonal line "/" represents
> the crack.
>   XXX
>   XXX
>   XXX
> |  /  |
> | /   |
> |/    |
> |     |
> |     |
> What I need to know is if I have to junk this freshly reconditioned
> head, or if there is any feasible way to repair/strengthen the journal.
> And preferably, is there any way to make the repair with the head still
> in the car?  Pulling and reinstalling that head again is not really
> something that I'm looking forward to.

Exchange head, I think.  I bet you'll find that crack on the other side
of the pillar.  The usual cause is re-installing the nearing caps 180
degrees out.

 Phil Payne
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