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Re: Ur-quattro article


A very generous offer.  I assume this is the article by Bob Nagy called
"4-wheel-drive Bavarian dream stuff", with the sidebar by Ron Grable.  If
so, it's reprinted in the Audi Quattro Gold Portfolio which I have.  If
that is the article, you may want to point out that it's in the Gold
Portfolio to save yourself a lot of faxes.

If it isn't, I'd be very interested in a copy to (408) 286-0202.  Thanks.


At 07:23 AM 10/27/98 -0600, Todd Young wrote:
>Just had to let everyone know. I was at my parents this last weekend and
>decided to see if I had any Audi articles in my stash of magazines in
>their basement. The very first box I opened, I came across a July 1981
>issue of Motor Trend with an article about the Audi Coupe, they
>basically gushed over it, saying it was one of the most beautiful cars
>Audi has produced to date. There was a sidebar at the end of the article
>about the soon-to-be-introduce Quattro.
>The very next magazine was the June 1982 issue of Motor Trend with a
>line on the cover, "New Audi Quattro", I was almost drooling. Opened the
>magazine up and there it was, a great 6 page write up of the Audi
>Quattro. Interesting that one of the sidebars talks about what I believe
>has come to be known as the "spider bite".
>The best part is that both magazines are in pristine shape, I only
>brought the June '82 magazine back with me to Minneapolis, but if any
>body would like a photocopy of the article, send me a fax number and
>I'll do my best to get a copy to you, the pictures might not turn out
>too great, but the type should.
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