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Re: Ur-quattro article

Frank J. Bauer wrote:

> At 07:23 AM 10/27/98 -0600, you wrote:
> >The very next magazine was the June 1982 issue of Motor Trend with a
> >line on the cover, "New Audi Quattro", I was almost drooling. Opened the
> >magazine up and there it was, a great 6 page write up of the Audi
> >Quattro.
> what color was the photo car?
> maybe it belongs to one of our listers...
> frank

 Good question Frank.

In the lead picture for the article the car appears to be red in color with
the 4 rings in black on the lower front door panel. In one of the sidebars,
Ron Grable describes the color as orange. Only the lead photo is color and
there is no reference in the article to what production number this car is.
I'm thinking it was probably a test mule for all the car mags to thrash in
prep for writing an article about it. From the writing in the article, it
sounds like this was one of, if not the first, Quattro imported to USA soil.

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