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how to use that clay (nay Audi content)

I just bought a cleaning clary from Griot's and was sort of playing with
it. Now, how do ye who has using it use the clay? I've found there's only
two states of matter: too much speed shine stuff and the clay is
threatening to fly off of your hand, or not enough of that spray stuff and
the clay sticks to the paint. There doesn't seem to be "just enough spray"
sort of feel.

And now my hands are embedded with yellow clay, which was b!tch to wash

So how do I use the clay? In whole lump? In small piece (instruction say
1/4 of whole clay)? Or as small as possble? And how do I apply that speed
shine/lube stuff? Any good alternative to that speed shine spray? How do I
know if the paint surface is clean/dirty? Is the clay suppose to pick up

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