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Eddy at Wolfsport is a great guy to know

Hi everyone,

There have been some posts lately for used Quattro parts.
Lenses and any other parts car items.
I have found Eddy at Wolfsport to be incredibly helpful.
He seems to always have the parts I need or immediately goes and pulls em off
a parts car. He carries new parts including hard to find Eiabachs and Koni's
for our Quattros.
I found them in the Quattro Club quarterly and have had great luck. Eddy
helped me out with an ABS sensor when I had that problem. I also bought my
Koni's there and lenses for my girlfriends 4000Q. Great prices and great
service. Eddy seems to be the resident Quattro expert so I recommend you talk
to him. He seems to know quattros and speak quattro fluently. 

Wolfsport's # is 800-342-8669

I have no affiliation with Wolfsport, I'm just a satisfied customer.
I believe this is a great source and feel the need to share it with all of
It might be a good idea to mention you are a Q club member or a Q lister as it
might get you a discount. I'm not sure I mentioned it and I'm happy with the
prices I get. Or tell Howard sent you. 

Howard Dinits 	AQUATTRO4U@aol.com

P.S. Thanks to all of you that have helped me out with all of my questions and