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Coolant Level Warning Light

Hi Gang,

Just changed out the radiator on my '88 5KS last night (the plastic nipple connecting to the return hose between the expansion tank and the rad. cracked off) with an all copper version.  Topped off the coolant and everything appeared to be fine except that the Coolant Level Warning Light comes on.  After driving the car for awhile, it runs cool (just to the left of center on the temp gauge), with the coolant level is still full.

I tried disconnecting the leads to the sensor in the expansion tank with no affect (light still on).  I couldn't remember if the sensor was triggered via an open circuit or closed, so I shorted the connections on the lead with no affect (light still on).

Anybody have an idea why the warning light would be activated?  Is there a possible break in the wires leading to the sensor that could be causing this? 

The engine seems to be fine, the coolant is circulating, water temp is good, just appears to be an annoying warning light....or is it?  If anybody knows what I might be missing, I'd appreciate being clued in :-)

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