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Re: oxygen sensor

The OXS has *nothing* to do with warming the car up.  It doesn't even
work until it is warm itself, the computer ignores it until one of its
sensors tells it the engine is warm.

Sounds like something in your cold engine enrichment system is not
working - perhaps that sensor that tells the ECU it's warm now?

Someone with more CIS-E knowledge please jump in here and cohere my

Dan Murphy wrote:
> Hey all, got another question about my 85 cgt.  You have to let it
> warm up for a few minutes before you can drive it, I've heard that
> thats common though.  I was wondering if my oxygen sensor could be bad
> and maybe thats why I'm having this "problem".  When I turn the car on
> the oxygen light stays on til I start to drive.  But I read that that
> light comes on every 30k just as a precausion telling you to check it.
>  But could the O2 sensor be bad?  Could this be making my car slow to
> warm up?  Also I can see it but I cant get to it to check it out.  How
> do I Get to the O2 sensor?  Thanks a lot.
> Oh, and I'm not on teh list anymore so if you could please send your
> reply to murphsvdub@yahoo.com   Thanks again.
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