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Re: Ur-q duty cycle still wrong?


I performed another test. Cold running enrichment.
Book sais to unplug Ox sensor, unplug the coolant temp sensor.
Duty cycle should go to 95% but only for max of 30 seconds.
It stays there wether the wires are unpluged or pluged for more than 2 minutes
(than I would shut the engine off).

I have no clue.  I will change the ox sensor tomorrow but I doubt it will fix
anything since unpluging it has no effect.
The wires to both coolant temp and oxyg sensor read 0 Ohms of resistance between
the ECU and the connector.


Huw Powell wrote:

> > when I unplug the Oxygen sensor the duty cycle stays at around 96%.
> > What would the computer defoult to (what %) when the Oxygen sensor
> > resistance is at infinity?
> The OXS isn't a resistance, it generates voltage.  Duty cycle "outside"
> the OXS operating params should be a default of 50% though.
> > If in fact it is 96% than I am sure the problem is the oxygen sensor.
> > I have already ordered one.  They are only $40 CDN (from a Bosch dealer) so
> > nothing much to loose.
> that's what I'd been thinking... if all the connections are good, the FV
> is working, etc., it sounded like a bad OXS (or bad wire to it?)
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