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Re: looking for info, 16" Wheels For Ur-q

I have used an A8 wheel (37mm vs, the A4's 45mm offset) with 205/55/16
tires on my urq.  They look stunning!  Just ask any of the Portland guys!
The A4 wheels would work as well, but I'd rather have the 0.63" wider track
for performance (tongue in cheek).  Hell, you got the wide flares; you
should use them!

Actually, if you do a 5-bolt conversion on your gt, the A4 wheels will look
good as well...

At 03:50 PM 10/27/98 -0600, Fluhr wrote:
>Along this line, it would appear that the A4 16" wheels will fit on
>the urquattro.  They are 16x7" with a 45mm offset...I was thinking
>that a set of the 7-spoke wheels from the '98 A4 sport package would
>look very nice on my urquattro.  Does anyone have experience with
>a wheel of this size installed on an urquattro?
>'85 CGT, '82 urq
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Best Regards,

John Karasaki
Portland, OR