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Re: Be careful here . . .

> Chevrolet was selling a short-bed pickup with a 454 engine for a couple of
> years, and there was also the GM Syclone which was pretty much the same
> thing - for a while, the 454 Chebby pick-em-up was the fastest 0-100 time
> of any production four wheeled road vehicle in the world, and had a top
> speed of "over 145 MPH". Scary? You bet!

I think you are getting a bit confused.  Syclone had a turbocharged 4.3 liter
V6.And quotes for fastest 0-60 time were for a wet pavement only and a pre
production model (Car and Driver).
It outaccelerated the 959 to 30mph. (1.5 sec., or something like that) above
that it had no chance.
Anything over 60mph aerodynamics played a big part in slowing it down.
I don't recall any magazine claiming this 145mph top speed on any of the
production models.

> It is just a question of the right tool for the job - blinding acceleration
> and little else, I'll take the 454 Chevvy pickup

Ford Lightning (full size) outaccelerated the full size Chevy 454 pickupLook at
again Car and Deiver test.


Martin Pajak


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