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RE: to the best Audi techs (intermittent stalling fixed)

 Ok the problem with the car was not electrical at all. The guy said that
the metering head and all the hoses past the metering head were all full of
crap. The guy said that the fuel pressure was ok before the metering head
(Which the previous mechanics had checked) but the pressure after was out.
Apparently the fuel could not flow back into the tank properly and that was
another reason why the pressure was out. He said the problem only happened
when it was cold because the pressure was already at the metering head when
the engine is first started but after a while the fuel pump couldn't keep
the same pressure and this was when the problems start. Since this type of
system is very dependent on the fuel pressure being correct i guess that
this incorrect fuel pressure would have made the mixture very rich. Anyway
the guy basically cleaned the system past the fuel metering head and
replaced the fuel filter. As of yet the problem has not come back. Now the
only question is why the other three places couldn't fix it. I guess they
might not have had the proper equipment to test the fuel pressure past the
metering head.

I hope this helps so let me know once you've found the problem. I'll also
let you know if the problem comes back again.


'88 Audi 80   136 000 Kms
'81 Audi 5+5  176 000 Kms