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Re: oil pressure

It's a done deal. Thanks to you and other listers I am on my way to this game
Bought a bottle of Techron, Mobil 1 filter & Mobil 1 10-30. 
Gonna run my gas tank down, fill up after adding Techron, run the tank &
change the oil. My expectation is a cleaner, better running engine & fuel
system. Gonna take about two weeks to fully execute plan. Will report back on
Also will consider running with Chevron. Gotta price it though.

Thanks alot for all your help,


In a message dated 10/28/98 10:18:44 AM Eastern Standard Time,
Ted.Kublin@msfc.nasa.gov writes:

 Just run Chevron gas and those injectors will clean up and stay that way
 ...let me know how the Mobil 1 works out!