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Super Torque Timing Belt

I have an interesting tidbit you might want to file away.  My '91 200tq has
the "Super Torque" timing belt.  This is mentioned in Scott Mockry's site.
It turns out that the new parts fiche that Linda at Carlsen uses DOES NOT
LIST this when ordering a water pump.

If you have an '89 or newer 200t with the 3b engine, you may need to specify
clearly the following differences:

1.  The pulley on the water pump has 29 deep splines, and DOES NOT HAVE
guide flanges.  The older pulley has 26 splines that are shallower.

2.  You, therefore, can see the splines on the "Super Torque" from a frontal
view.  On the older water pump pulley the front flange blocks your view.

3.  All the timing belt pulleys on this engine must match in terms of the
depth and shape of the teeth. 

4.  Remind Linda to check an older, correct, version of her parts list.

5.  If you have an '89, you need the VIN or a visual inspection to determine
what your engine has.

I'm on my third try with this part, in spite of everyones best efforts.  The
Bentley pictures the older pulley.  Linda claims that I'm the first with
this problem, but she is aware of it now.  

BTW, she has been great at rectifying the situation, albeit with limited


Steve Gronback
TGS Recording and Mastering
Chapel Hill,   NC   USA