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Re: 5ktq...batt keeps dying!

	i would definately consider this, because i want to 
	run some pretty substantial electronics in my ur-q,
	but wonder if a "beefier" battery would run the risk
	of smoking the already weak electrical system/fusebox.

On Wed, 28 Oct 1998, Todd Phenneger wrote:

:|Glad you agree,
:|	I was sure I was right but I rarely try to sound so Authoratative
:|on stuff.  But it just is not possable.  I went through this with a friend
:|with a "New" battery.  Kept blaming it on the car, well, I put in my
:|Battery and it worked fine for days.  His battery died in my car.  He went
:|and returned batterya and got a newer better one.  
:|	Has anyone ever tried those Optima Gell Cell Batteries.  They
:|would be a nice safety feature in a track car and would help with high
:|demand electrical systems like 500 watts of light Phil.  Ever considered
:|one, I just have trouble justifying $110 for one.
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:|On Wed, 28 Oct 1998, Phil Payne wrote:
:|> In message <Pine.GHP.4.05.9810281311230.18851-100000@eagle.csrv.uidaho.edu> Todd Phenneger writes:
:|> > My new 4kq had same problem.  It was a dead battery.  There is NO
:|> > way to drain a properly charged/good battery in 10 minutes.  You would
:|> > need cable as big as the battery and the posts would melt, battery would
:|> > blow up,etc.   Tell him to buy a new battery.  Problem solved :)
:|> I was also trying to think of an arresting way to say that 90AH at 12v
:|> can't go away in 10 minutes without leaving unmistakable signs of its
:|> departure.
:|> Like a lot of smoke.
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