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No low beam lights


This morning headlights on 89 100q worked fine.

Tonight, back to the car.  Fire it up, turn on lights, no low beam

Parking lights(both sides) work fine.  High beams(both sides)work fine.
Directional signals work.  So far as I can tell everything electrical that
has been working still works except for the low beam lights.

Checked fuses (#'s 10 & 11--both OK).

Is there a headlight relay in the car hidden under the dash or in some
other strange place?  

I realize that both low beam bulbs may have decided to commit suicide
at the same time.  Odds are against it.

I guess it is also possible that the column mounted switch/lever may have
given it up, but it still feels and sounds the same as always.

Your help would be most appreciated.

The lights are Hella Euros with stock H4 bulbs.  Been in the car for about
a year and a half.

Many thanks

Bill Murin
89 100q

now confined to daytime running