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Re: Mechanic's Email Needed

Lawrence C Katzenstein wrote:
> Hi,
> Smitty sent me a really good
> explanation, but given his email i suspect he's more of a computer guy
> than  a mechanic.
> Best,
> Larry
> '90V8Q

Just to set the record straight. I own 5 quattros,urq's (2),4kq's
modify and maintain all at my own fully equipped facility. I have owned
and operated two auto repair/raceing shops in the past. At the moment I
am co-owner of a very competitive 800hp 1600 lb "Winged Sprint Car".
Capable of 15 sec. lap times on 1/2 mile dirt tracks.By the way,the car
was built in my shop,by me. I fell more than qualified to to respond to
technical posts. The reason I do my own work? I have not found an expert
able to demonstrate his "expertise". Greg Hayman an AUDI mechanic friend
is the exception.