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RE: Paint Code???

"Lewis, Gary M" <Gary.Lewis@West.Boeing.com> wrote:
> Ken said:
> > That code "looks" to me to either be Zermatt Silver or the charcoal grey 
> > color (don't know the "name" name of that one).
> > 
> It may also be Sapphire, which is a light metallic silver with a _very_
> slight blue tint to it.  I should just go out and take a look in the car.


> Mine is LY5V, which is Sapphire.

That is also a beautiful color...

I guess the paint codes don't look all that much different from each 
other.  But then, "LY7Y" does have a certain "look" to it.

I'm thinking it's the charcoal grey.

Leave it to me to sit here and speculate about something to 

I'm no where near my 4ksq right now tho'.