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Help! Need aftermarket springs for Coupe GT

I had a fiasco last week with a set of H&R springs that turned out to be
for the 4k/cpe 4cyl, and now have to return them  :(   

I just spoke to Roland at H&R (who seems to really know his stuff and is a
helluva nice guy).  Seems the US-spec H&R's for the 5cyl. Coupe are no
longer available, anywhere.

However, I am hoping against hope that someone may have an NOS set that
never got used. The H&R part number is "29553" and the springs are black
(vs. the red of the euro version).

Any Santa Clauses out there?

BTW, in case you are wondering, the euro spec H&R's prolly can be special
ordered, but lower the car a full 2".  Roland was emphatic that I not put
them on my car; apparently they are bone breakers. 

If I should turn up dry, any suggestions & BTDT's on aftermarket springs
for the CGT much appreciated.

Jonathan Monetti