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Re: F40 on freeway (was A8)

On Wed, 28 Oct 1998, Daniel Hussey wrote:

>    One correction there.  I've seen a few Audi Sport Quattros (a few!)
> advertised in the last few years (via AutoWeek) and they have usually been
> $75K or less.  Not bad if you ask me.  Last one I saw was $69K.  I might
> think about one if I had that kinda money laying around.

	I would probably get one if I had that money laying around.  would
make a good ski car :) :)  Yea right.  I'll take an RS-2 for that!    My
point was general though Dan. I have seen them over $100,000 too if in
proper condition.

>    F40's went up to $1,000,000 a few years ago and a bunch of Japanese (and
> some american) investors were doing just that....wrapping them in bubble wrap
> in temperature controlled garages.  Well, they might as well of invested in
> Russian rubles because no one in thier right mind (accept some Wall Street
> Tycoon on an ego streak or a Japanese investor with too much money) is gonna
> pay that much for a car worth $200,000 (and not really).  I think they go for
> around $150,000 now....if I'm not off my rocker here.

	They went for around One million just before the entire super-car
market fell apart. Many investors in them lost big money.  My Dad sold his
308 for about $15,000 more than he bought it for which just about paid for
the Maintenance of the car over the 7 years we had it.  Thats about $1,000
every thousand or two thousand miles I guess.  Not exactly cheap to own.
My sister leaving it out of gear when she parked it (which caused it to
roll down the hill, over a curb, down a grassy hill, down some concrete
stairs, over an Iron railing, and into a tree thus blocking the front door
of the office building that Erik Manz's (Now my best friend) Dad owned.)
OOPS.  She didn't drive anything for a few months after that.  Cost a fair
bit to replace the bumper and muffler as taht was all that was hurt!
THank God.  Bumper was outrageously priced though.
	Anyhow, I dont think F-40s are down to $150,000 yet.  Dont know if
they ever will be.  They sold for $250,000 at beginning and later at
$400,000.  I think they are around $250,000 to $400,000 now.  Still not
affordable but $250,000 makes it seem not too bad considerign the price of
an F50.  Or even an 550 Marenello is that much.  ANd while the 550 is
almost as fast, I would take the F-40 for sheer scare the mothers adn
children, frighten the cops, make people do a triple take, and have one of
the most legendary modern super cars of my childhood.

>    I'm really glad thier not worth as much because people aren't affraid to
> drive them anymore.  You see them at the track and at events like the Silver
> State Classic and the VC Hillclimb.

	Much agreed.  A car like that is meant to be driven.  I love to
see the likes of F-40s and Sport Quattros at Hill Climbs.  And even Older
Ferraris and other very valuble cars at Classic Car Races.  I would Kill
to see a 250 GTO race.  Maybe at Classic CAr races next August when Audi
is there! :)

>    One more point...I've heard (not sure though) that many of the Ferrari
> people are very threatened by the Sport Q's that show up at Virginia City every
> year and they can usually beat Testarossas and most Ferraris (not sure about
> the F40 though) up the hill!
>    In fact, the 308GT4 has been termed as the "everyman's Ferrari".  I don't
> know how true that is as I don't know many people that can afford the
> maintenance on one, but it is very affordable and fun.  I hear what you mean
> about learning to drive on one.  That must be nice.  I learned to drive a
> manual on my uncles '65 Corvette Stingray roadster with a 327/350 smallblock,
> 4spd, knockoffs, and sidepipes!  Too much car for me to appreciate at the time
> but boy do I wish I could drive it now!  There'd be a whole lotta tire smoke!

	The F-40 is not an easy to car to drive fast.  Wheelspin in 2nd
gear is easily achived even with 335 tires in back.  It is fast as hell
but I would venture to say that as squirly as te Sport Q is compared to a
UR-Q, it is much easier to drive than than the F-40. 
	ANyone REALLY BTDT.  I would love to hear but I doubt it.  Those
are two cars I REALLY want to at least ride in if not drive in my
lifetime.  L8R