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RE: Sprongl S2 Article: European Car

> Anyone see the new EC with the TT on the front and the article on the Mt.
> Washington Hillclimb featuring the Sproingle S2?  What a great article.

I haven't seen it yet, but am anxious to get up to my PO Box in Tahoe and
pick it up =).

>Just a few questions:  where does one obtain an Audi Sport S2 like

Frank built the car from a Coupe Quattro, just like Rui Brasil, George
Plsek, and myself, unless you have $100K + to spend on a factory built car.
Rui Brasil is considering selling his car for $35K.  Includes two spare
trannies, and lots of spare parts.

>How does the S2 produce over 420 bhp when it is only a 2.1L
>10v turbo?

I'm not quite sure how it's making 420 BHP...although with more modern
electronics and such, I'm sure it's possible...certainly with the 40 MM
restrictor, it makes things more difficult.  That engine is a full blown Gr.
B motor from the A2, which made 360 BHP originally.

>  What kind of mods are made t that Group B to make it produce so
>much power??

The early A2 Gr. B (circa 1983/1984) cars w/ the 10vt made 360 BHP.
The next cars work the Sport Quattros (1984/1985) with the 20vt, which made
460 BHP
The last evolution was the S1 Sport Q (1985/1986) with the highly modified
20vt which made almost 600 BHP in the Pikes Peak car Walter Rohrl drove in

> Does anyone know how many of the Group B rally cars were
> produced?

Perhaps someone has the exact numbers for the A2's ,SQ (rally cars), and
S1's, but I'd guess, with the A2's, having 4 drivers, they probably had at
least 15 cars or so (just a guess).  Probably around the same numbers for
the Sport Q rally cars (they only made 200 of these cars total, including
street cars).  The S1's are most likely more rare with possibly around 10
cars, or even less???

-mark nelson