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Who is going to the 2-day Calif Quattro Club Event in January?

I just got my Quattro Club Quarterly and the date seems to have changed
slightly for the 2-day Drivers School at Thunderhill Park Raceway.  It
is now January 16 and 17th, 1999.  My question is...how big is this one
gonna be.  I talked with Dennis Vodden at Thunderhill and we will get to
drive on the new side of the track again.

In addition, Gary @ Ronal Wheels USA is also sponsoring another Quattro
Club 2-day event in April 99 near Las Vegas.  Sounds like it is gonna be
busy in the west...nice change.

Steve Sherwood
97 A4 2.8 Quattro
NorCal A4 Owners Club