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RE: F40 on freeway (was A8)

> 	AGreed about the F1 thing.  However, I bet with an even better
> driver the F-40 could of beat even the Mighty CTR-2.  Any fast car will
> scream with a decent driver but I would bet the F-40 would take a
> formidable driver to come near the real limits.

I wouldn't be so sure about that...the CTR-2 makes over 600 BHP, has AWD,
and arguably is the fastest Super Car in the world (even faster than the
McClaren F1).  I think if a REALLY good driver was driving the CTR-2...a
John Buffum type =), that car would have wailed on everyone at the
hillclimb.  You REALLY should see one of these cars accelerate...the Ferrari
sounds sweet in the high r's, but the RUF's just pull so MUCH harder, it's

> Aterall, if it is
> Anything close to an Old F1 car, it would take a good driver.  Those guys
> aren't paid what they are to smile at the Camera and spray Champagne on
> people. :)

It takes a good driver, but an F1 car isn't really much more than a
glorified shifter kart.  In my 7 years of racing karts, it's pretty easy to
see the similarities between the two, and the one thing I loved about racing
karts is that they are very tossable and can pull some incredible
G's...really is a blast, and very fun to drive, even when the setup wasn't
quite right.  Watching the in-car footage of F1 cars, they look VERY similar
to drive, especially with some of the shifting mechanisms like shifter karts
have.  Something like the RUF CTR-2 or a later Porsche Turbo is a bit more
of a handful.

> 	How far back was the sport Q?  In total time.  Like 2:37 vs 2:41
> etc.  L8R

The Sport Q's were around 20 -30 seconds behind the fast cars I believe.  On
the long straightaway where I was manning the radar gun, the F40 had a top
speed of ~135, with David in the CTR2 around 127, then Frank Beddor in The
RUF Ultimate and an older 930 Turbo were around 122 - 125.  The Sport Q's
were running about 106, and Alex Neckas was right at 110 I believe.