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RE: F40 on freeway (was A8)

On Wed, 28 Oct 1998, Mark Nelson wrote:

> I wouldn't be so sure about that...the CTR-2 makes over 600 BHP, has AWD,
> and arguably is the fastest Super Car in the world (even faster than the
> McClaren F1).  I think if a REALLY good driver was driving the CTR-2...a
> John Buffum type =), that car would have wailed on everyone at the
> hillclimb.  You REALLY should see one of these cars accelerate...the Ferrari
> sounds sweet in the high r's, but the RUF's just pull so MUCH harder, it's
> awesome.

	Then why were you surprised the CTR beat the F-40???  Changing
your mind.  I'm confuse.  And I though the CTR was under 500 hp.  The
original Yellow Bird was, wasn't it?  I though the New one was similar
Power.  I'd kill for one though.  Anyone sick of their Boss?  Ahh, never
mind.  Just kidding. 
	BTW, I saw the two Yellow CTR-s at Pikes Peak in 97'.  Very fast
in deed.  BUt then the Stillen Supra stole the show.  I have some great
pics of it.

> It takes a good driver, but an F1 car isn't really much more than a
> glorified shifter kart.  In my 7 years of racing karts, it's pretty easy to
> see the similarities between the two, and the one thing I loved about racing
> karts is that they are very tossable and can pull some incredible
> G's...really is a blast, and very fun to drive, even when the setup wasn't
> quite right.  Watching the in-car footage of F1 cars, they look VERY similar
> to drive, especially with some of the shifting mechanisms like shifter karts
> have.  Something like the RUF CTR-2 or a later Porsche Turbo is a bit more
> of a handful.

	I beg to differ.  With 800 hp, a F1 car can spin faster than a 930
on steroids in the rain.  You see the footage of the Cart race in
Vancouver.  One of the best drivers, Cant remember who, spun on a pace lap
because he got into it a little much.  They still have a lot of weight in
back and with 3.0 - 4.0 G's, when they break loose, the GO.
	Yes, they are light and simple looking bare bones in theory like a
shifter cart, but I would hardly compare the too.  I spose my 4kq is quite
similar to drive to a S1!  Or a 5ktq to the IMSA car.  Not really.  I know
you have much more car racing experience than I do but I cant even put
them in the same leage.  They both handle like slot cars but the limits
and speed are very different.  Look at their Budgets.  When was the last
time you saw a multi Million dollar Go Cart.
> The Sport Q's were around 20 -30 seconds behind the fast cars I believe.

	Mark.  I asked for total times.  20 seconds means nothing to me.
Is that 20 seconds on a one minute course or a 3 hour course.  I need
close to real times for it to mean much.  What did cars like Alex run and
how about a stock 4kq or a 308.

> the long straightaway where I was manning the radar gun, the F40 had a top
> speed of ~135, with David in the CTR2 around 127, then Frank Beddor in The
> RUF Ultimate and an older 930 Turbo were around 122 - 125.  The Sport Q's
> were running about 106, and Alex Neckas was right at 110 I believe.

	Impressive.  Nice to see Alex faster than a Sport Quattro.  Man,
that F40 is Fast.  0-100 in 7.8 seconds rings a bell.  0-60 many cars can
keep up due to traction but from there on, it is one hard car to keep up
with.  Hell, first gear is good for 56 or 58 mph.  If only it had a few
more it would knock a few tenths off the 0-60. Dang Dog Leg 1st gear.  I
love that pattern though.  How often do you really use 1st on a race
course :)

	Whats the difference between the RUF ultimate and the CTR 2.  Is
the Ultimate the Black Road Going car?  I wasn't comparing the F-40 to the
competition CTR-2.  I was comparing it to the Road Version.  I think it
should be faster or maybe as fast as it is.  

	BTW, hows the Rally car coming.  Is it done yet???