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Re: It took as long as five years?

>> MOT due next week, if it fails on _anything_ I'll drive it starkers at next
>> years ukqc track day.
>When and where is your test appointment?

You know how you sometimes regret saying things on the spur of the moment:)

Er, well it should be next week at George Pool Motors, on the A6 just outside
New Mills. It's gonna fail on a seatbelt, that popper that stops the belt
going all the way through the 'thingy' is missing off the drivers side belt,
the garage is very particular about MOT's (not that there should be garages 
who are better or worse for MOT's, right??). Would everyone really have a go if
I got one off the 80 quattro currently being broken in Dean Zaman's Audi Only 
place rather than buying a new one? It's good how this list makes folks think 
twice from compromising on things like this.