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Re: Replacing or enhancing 4K CSQ headlights

In a message dated 10/29/98 3:03:29 AM Eastern Standard Time,
MARDKINS@classic.msn.com writes:

<< 3) Add auxilliary driving (fog) lights (I am leaning towards this but
 I would appreciate any advice on where to site them and what peoples
 experiences have been with different models) >>

I took this option on my 86 4KS and get great light. Using Bosch old fashioned
driving lights mounted below bumper where the tow hook compartment is located.
Just remove small plastic trim and mount to bumper bottom. You probably need
to remove turning signal lights for access to pre drilled holes in bumper, but
this is easy.
Using 55W bulbs and light output is pretty good. Would like to ose 100W, but
still too afraid of what might happen.