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Re: No low beam lights

Hairy green toads from Mars made William J Murin say:

> This morning headlights on 89 100q worked fine.
> Tonight, back to the car.  Fire it up, turn on lights, no low beam
> lights.
> Parking lights(both sides) work fine.  High beams(both sides)work fine.
> Directional signals work.  So far as I can tell everything electrical that
> has been working still works except for the low beam lights.
> Checked fuses (#'s 10 & 11--both OK).
> Is there a headlight relay in the car hidden under the dash or in some
> other strange place?  

This just happened to my '89 100Q (with Euro Lights).
I thought it might be the switch ($$$), but it turned
out to be the wiring connector the switch plugs in to.
Cost about $30 for my mechanic to replace it.


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