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Bothering transmission sound on a '87 4kcsq

Hi All,

Well, I wouldn't call a noise.  It is similar to transmission/acceleration
sound but it comes at around 30mph and then stays on thinning a little as
speed goes up.  I think I cease to hear it when I maintain 80mph but it may
be that all other speed related sounds subdue it to such extent.  And it
comes from behind, from the rear differential as far as I can tell.
Bearings?  Driveshaft?  Since I bought the car in July (at 89 000miles)
I've put appr. 3 000 miles on it and it has behaved just fine.   A friend
told me it can be a normal "feature not a bug" coming from the 4wheel drive
but I am still suspicious.  It is not like the car is noisy, I would call
it "soundy" but I would still very much like to hear if this is normal from
the pro's.

Thanks as always to all who respond.  I really appreciate your comments.
You have contributed immensely to a number of my poorer days.