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Re: Squeal when shifting

Kevin O'Buckley wrote:
> Hi.  I am new to standard transmission cars with my new (to me) '91 90
> Quattro 20v with 132k miles.  Got a good deal on the car last week, but
> this week a problem as surfaced.
> When shifting, or starting from a stop, a horrible squeal will come from
> the front of the car.  Happens most of the time I shift, but not every
> time.  The car seems to drive fine, but it makes me very nervous that I
> have purchased a car with a major problem.  Any help pointing me in the
> right direction would be appreciated.  Does this sound like a clutch
> problem?
> I am in Burlington, VT, and anyone who could point me to an honest
> mechanic in the area would also be much appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Kevin


Could be a loose Air Conditioner belt.  Turn your cc off or
use "econ" setting to confirm.

-Peter Schulz
1990 CQ
1991 TQW