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Wheel Bearing Replacement

I have to replace the passenger side wheel bearing on my 1990 200tq (10v).
I have read the posting on Chris Miller's page which talks about a tool that
allows you to do this job without removing the strut assembly.  Does anyone
know the part number for this tool or a description for it so that I might
call a supplier.  The posting that Chris put on his page seems as though it
was performed on 4000 of older 5000.  So, one question is will this work on
a 200.  Any help in this area is appreciated including commentary on the
best ways to do this.  I have replaced the lower control arm on this corner
because the integral ball joint was making noise.  I have also removed drive
axles on VW's.  So i think I am acquainted with the basic aspects of this
project.  Thanks for your help.

Ron Frazier
1990 200 tq 10v
1993 100CS q