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IC tweeking

Phil writes:
> Not to put Ned or I out of business on turbos, but if you haven't addressed
> the IC, you are looking for the chicken before the egg.  5000/200tq cars
> IC's and fuel before you 'need' a bigger/better/faster turbo.

>>Same goes for the ur-quattro, only more so.

>>Is there any value in just _cleaning_ an IC?  Mine has 160500 miles
>>worth of dead insects in it - it just _has_ to be affecting performance.

Oh yes, and straighten out those bent fins as well.  For cleaning, I have
taken the IC out of the car, over to the wand wash (cover the ends well with
plastic), and spray thru both directions.  Warning, the high pressure can bend
the fins (= bad).  Warning, the high pressure can remove the black paint (=
not so bad at all).

To straighten out the fins, I found a letter opener was the perfect size tool
for the job.  You can also make one out of some thin steel.  Be careful, those
fins are fragile.  Next, you want to make sure that the foam that seals the IC
in position (5000/200) is there and intact.  You want all air AT the IC to go
THRU the IC, not around it.  That is what that foam is for.  The foam is
mounted with some cheezy adhesive, and most falls right off when removing
IC's.  Put it back, it is there for a reason.

Those of you with S cars, take a look at the airflow past the IC, it sucks.
Audi did a fine job getting the air to the IC, but where is it supposed to go.
A convenient low pressure area would be really good.


Scott Justusson
'87 5ktqwRS2
'84 Urq